About US

When I was a young child, video games were strange and not yet popular, but I would find out quickly that especially children enjoyed them because they could explore new worlds within those games.
Of course I did not know then just how much those so-called “digital contents” would change and rule our lives. But I knew one thing for sure: I wanted to make this my life, I wanted to work in the video game industry.
Today, I can experience one more time what I have already experienced as a child, in a different way: through Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality, I can see the world from a whole different angle.
Back then, I was too young to contribute anything to the course of digitalization, but now my time has come to be a part of the digital revolution.
Urban Wolf Games is the fulfillment of my childhood dream. Our goal is to produce digital contents that keep pace with the times, and therefore provide our customers with a kind of entertainment that they have never seen before.
“There may be other, better products out there right now. But we will not give up until we are the best.”
Byeong-Jik Kang
CEO, Urban Wolf Games